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23 Best Bob and Lob Haircuts for Summer 2018


Bobs and lobs are everywhere at the moment.  Summer is here and whenever summer comes around, many girls tend to opt for a new hairstyle.  New season, new hairstyle and makeover needed!  We definitely agree with this.  You may dye your hair lighter in the summer and darker in the winter, again we agree that this is a great idea.  It conditions your hair as well as giving you a complete makeover.  It freshens up your hair and your style.  That hairstyle tends to be a bob or a lob (a long bob).  This is understandable because it does get hot and the last we need on a hot day is to think about our hair.

When we choose a new haircut, we need something that is going to be stylish, low maintenance and makes us feel good.  This is when these two styles come in.  They are perfect for summer and they look amazing.  They have been trending for some time now and they look perfect for any occasion. We could talk all day and night, about how good these styles are but we thought we would show you photos instead.

Check out our 23 best bob and lob haircuts for summer 2018.

1. A Line Long Bob

The A line bob is a haircut many people tend to have the first time round. As you know having your hair cut for the first time, can be nerve racking experience.  You are used to having long hair and something different may scare you.  This is why many people tend to have a long bob initially but then go back if they like it and want it shorter.  We don’t blame you for doing it this way because sometimes we need time to adjust to the shorter hair and it may feel a little weird at first, but give it time and you will love it.  If you love longer hair, then is the long bob for you.  It has the extra length at the front which will make you feel at ease with the back being slightly shorter.

A Line Long Bob Haircut Idea for Summer

Source: @cabelocurto

2. Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

Go for an asymmetrical bob haircut. This is a fun, creative and sexy style that everyone loves but dare not to have.  If you are feeling bold and brave, go for it and you will love it!  The first thing you will notice is that your neck will be bare, you hair won’t be covering it anymore.  This will be a great feeling and you will feel so fresh and lighter.

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut for Summer

Source: @thecutlife

3. A Line Bob with Lavender Highlights

We can almost smell the lavender! This is a sexy pastel purple lavender colour that is currently trending.  When you mix a gorgeous a line bob with a lovely pastel colour like lavender, you know you’re a fashionista!

A Line Bob Haircut with Lavender Highlights

Source: @hairbykacie1

4. Curly, Burgundy Bob

Curly bobs work so well. Always remember that your hair will seem shorter curled as the curls will take it up a little.  It will have a lovely vibrant bounce especially in this lovely burgundy colour.

Curly Burgundy Bob Haircut for Summer

Source: @thecutlife

5. Short, Blonde Bob

We love this! This is screaming out sexy and where’s my catwalk!  We love how the cut compliments the colour and the colour compliments the cut.  A perfect style for a stylish gal.

Short Blonde Bob Haircut

Source: @mariohenriqueoficial

6. Bob Haircut with Blonde Balayage Highlights

Are you looking to go blonde? Go for a short bob haircut with blonde balayage highlights.  This is a subtle way of adding natural looking highlights.

Blonde Balayage Bob Haircut with Side Bangs

Source: @mastersofbalayage

7. Straight, Lob Haircut

Classic is timeless. There are so many bob and long bob styles that are trending that the classic, timeless, straight lob is pushed behind.  Never underestimate how glamorous and gorgeous this lob can be.

Straight Brunette Long Bob Haircut

Source: @sarahannrona

8. Peachy Bob Style

Everything is peachy with this cut and colour. Peachy coloured hair is perfect if you want a subtle warm tone.  It will give you an instant glow and the bob will look fab!

Peach Balayage Long Bob Hairstyle for Summer

Source: @maayanbescene

9. Messy Lob

Sexy, sassy and great for summer. This is a summer messy lob and it’s very popular.  Natural waves, like the photo look amazing and the length is perfect for any face shapes and hair types.

Messy Long Bob Haircut Idea

Source: @brumarquezine

10. Layered Lob Haircut + Light Brown Ombre

Layered lob haircut will feel thicker and look healthy. By adding layers to your hair, your hair will feel thicker and have a natural bounce.  This is a great, layered haircut mixed with light brown ombre that brings a little colour to the hair tips.

Long Bob Haircut with Layers and Light Brown Highlights

Source: @anhcotran

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