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21 Most Popular Swag Hairstyles for Men to Try this Season


Popular Swag Hairstyles for Men.Men of all ages pay particular attention to their outward demeanour, taking pains to stay in tip-top attire and maintain a certain physical appearance. One such manner to accomplish this feat is by maintaining certain styles of haircuts, with one of the popular styles being ‘swag’ hairstyles, which encompass style, class, sexiness and overall grooming. This article will give you ideas how to get a swaggy look with these  21 latest swag haircuts for guys that are rocking social media .To get a complete swag look try following hairstyles with these 20 Swagy outfits for men.

Men Swag Hairstyles

Short Haircut – This hairstyle shows a guy with a clean-cut hairstyle, raised from the front, but shades from the sides.

swag 3

Rough Style-This hairstyle shows a guy with tousled hair of medium length, showing a messy yet sexy hairstyle.

swag 4

Decent Look -Here, the guy’s hair is set to one side, gelled into place and showing an overall neat yet classy look that exudes class and swag.

swag 5

Hispter Swag – This hairstyle is the epitome of hipster swag, as it shows long hair tied into a loose bun, showing a gypsy-style of hair.To get ideas about men hispter fashion check out these 25 ways to get hipster look for men.

swag 6

Zayn Malik Swag – This nerdy yet cool hairstyle is supported by many celebrities as it looks attractive, slick and stylish.

swag 7

Hairstyle with Beard -These mug shot-style photos show a neat, gelled oil-slick look supported with a thick beard and moustache.

swag 8

Messy Hairstyle  – This hairstyle has the hair falling down onto the forehead, much like a fringe, laid flat with a little messy style. It is extremely popular amongst younger guys, as it requires little maintenance yet looks really fun.

swag 9

Under Cute Hairstyle for long Hairs -This hairstyle is a daring one, that can be flaunted only by those who are willing to step outside of the box and truly challenge themselves. Half the head is shaved, whereas the remaining side has long hair falling down, showing style and class, mixed in with funk.

swag 10

Formal Style – This hairstyle has been set into place with a lot of gel and hairspray, showing high upkeep and maintenance, which is representative of the man who flaunts this dashing hairstyle.

swag 11 pompadour

This iconic hairstyle is loaded with hair gel, showing a messy hairstyle from the back yet a clean, neat look from the front that has been pulled back.

swag 12

This hairstyle is a true representation of bangs and layers, with a lot of texture and movement, making this hairstyle chockfull of charm, appeal and class.


Hairstyles that represent the coolness, swag and funk of a guy’s personality can be shown in a variety of ways, one of which is represented by this picture. Here, one side of the hair is cascading down the side of his face, with long layers but overall it has been straightened and styled into place.


Stylish Arab Guys Style

swagy hairs arab men

Hairstyle That Goes with Glasses

sexy guys swag styles

Beach Swag Style

men hairstyles 2015

MDV latest Hairstyle

mdv hairstyle 2015

Korean Guy Swag

korean boys swag style

Undercut Hairstyle with Beard

funky hairstyle with beard


Teen guy Swag Style

Edgy Hair Cuts for Men

Hairstyle with Mustaches

classy hairstyles with moustaches

Justin Bieber Hairstyle

celebrities guys swag hairstyles

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