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21 Gorgeous Floral Nail Designs for Spring


Spring is almost here! The weather’s getting brighter, the temperatures are rising and nature is blooming. The Fashion and beauty world has been inspired by the flourishing florals this year. A stylish way to wear this floral trend is with nail art. So, take a look at our 21 best picks of flowery nails that are a spring 2017 must have!

1. Bright Florals

If you like experimenting with your nails, then these are for you. These cute flowers will brighten up any outfit for spring. Creating this look will require a steady hand and some practice – as it can be a challenge using your non-dominant hand! With patience and vibrant nail pens you can create beautiful nails just like these.

Bright Floral Nail Art Design for Spring

Instagram / kaori_nails

2. Purple Blooms and Bling

The next nails are statement makers. These have lots of small elements like different polishes, flowers and crystals that create a stunning overall look. At first designs like these seem very difficult but when broken down into steps it shows that any nail enthusiast can re-create a similar style.

Matte Floral Nail Art Design for Spring

Instagram / nailsbymztina

3. White with Delicate Flowers

White is a spring and summer favourite. The shade works so well on nails because you can wear as it is or add some beautiful little flowers like these. Floral white nails look elegant and trendy for any occasion. White is a great staple polish as it goes with all colors so you can experiment with different flowers and patterns.

White Nails with Delicate Flower Nail Art for Spring 2017

Instagram | nail_sunny

4. Radiant Rose Nail Design

Roses are a symbol of beauty. So, give your nails a beautiful spring makeover with simple rose art. You can create gorgeous designs like this one with two polishes and a toothpick. It really can be that simple and there are plenty of tutorials online. Add some little crystals for a glam finishing touch.

Red and White Rose Nail Design with Crystals for Spring 2017

Instagram | paulinaspassions

5. Funky in Floral

Trends for the spring are about being bold and experimenting with new styles, which is what nails like these are all about. You can create a design like this one by using different transfers and wraps. Choose some floral stickers, different polishes and little crystals and have fun mixing and matching!

Fishnet Floral Nail Art Design

Instagram / nail_unistella

6. Barely There Blooms

If you’re looking for floral nail art that is subtle then a design like this is for you. The nails have a simple clear coat of polish with delicate features. Sweeps of light green with strokes of purple create a flowery look. These will be a beautiful way to finish off any spring outfit.

Spring Nail Art Design for Short Nails

Instagram / kangannynails

7. Bold Pink and Black

Just because color palettes are getting brighter for spring doesn’t mean that black should be ruled out. Black is a chic shade that suits everything. On this design a light pink has been used as a base color with a beautiful floral black pattern. Combine that with pink and silver glitter and you have one super stylish look.

Elegant Matte Floral Nail Design for Spring

Instagram / merlin_nails

8. Botanical Nail Art

Now that winter is almost over nature is starting to blossom. You can take inspiration from wildlife, green plants and vibrant flowers to create trendy nail art. With a clear coat of nail polish and some nail stickers you can easily create a look this one. If you’re feeling extra arty you could even try recreating the designs with nail pens.

Botanical Inspired Nail Art with Plants, Flowers and Insects for Spring 2017

Instagram / esnail_la

9. Trendy Tulips

Tulips are beautiful and popular flowers. So, it is no surprise that tulips are being used in nail art. For this art, there is a soft sweep of spring yellow with a cute pink tulip design. This is another example of how white nails can be worn in different ways.

White Nails with Pink Tulip Style Nail Art for Spring 2017

Instagram / nails_irinamarten

10. Floral Accent Nail

Not confident with nail pens? Then we might have the perfect solution. With a design like this one all you need a is a bright polish like pink and a vibrant floral nail wrap. Nail wraps are easy to use and if you struggle there are helpful tutorials online. A nail wrap will last so is perfect for special occasions and vacations.

Pink Nails with a Bright Floral Accent Nail and Small Crystal for Spring 2017

Instagram / Sinney

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