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21 Easy Step by Step Makeup Tutorials from Instagram


One of the best things about the internet is the vast array of Instagram and Youtube tutorials you can now watch, on any particular topic you like. That’s if you ask us anyway. One genre of tutorial that has grown in popularity over the last few years is that of the Youtube and Instagram makeup tutorial, enabling “normal” people (just like you and me) to learn the latest makeup tricks and put them into practice in our every day lives.

If you want to update your makeup look, or just learn a few tricks and tips from the pros, here are 21 easy step by step makeup tutorials from Instagram:

1. Blue & Brown Smokey Eye

Once upon a time, you would need to sign up to a class in order to learn the latest makeup and beauty techniques. With the increasing popularity of Youtube, this is no longer the case. If you wanted a big and grand makeup look for a big event, just like this blue-popped beauty, you would need to pay out a lot of money for an expensive makeup artist. Now, however, you just need to take a peek on Instagram and Youtube and the tutorials are right there are your fingertips. You can learn in real time with the pros, and that sort of experience is just priceless.

Blue and Brown Smokey Eye Step by Step Tutorial

Instagram / rubina_muartistry

2. Peachy Eye Makeup Tutorial

Peach shades of eye makeup are such a big trend right now, especially with the latest Two Faced ‘Sweet Peach’ palette. It’s quite a brave shade if you’ve never rocked it before though. With such a vast array of shades in the palette itself, it’s hard work knowing which ones you should (and shouldn’t) be pairing with which. This pretty eyeshadow look shows you how to use the darker shades in the crease of your eye, while accentuating the main lid with that beautiful shimmering shade.

Peachy Eye Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes

Instagram / romyglambeauty

3. Simple Eye Look for Beginners

Eyeliner is a nightmare, especially when you’re using liquid eyeliner, and definitely when you’re in a rush! It never goes right on both eyes. You can spend the entire day just trying to even up that one flick, only to end up with massive black eyes at the end of it because you got carried away … We know the stress, we live it every day, but helpful easy step by step makeup tutorials from Instagram make life a lot less stressful!

Simple Everyday Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

Instagram / vanillia_2607

4. Gold Glitter Eyes

Need a look to really make your eyes pop? This gold and glittery number is definitely one to check out. To make life even easier for you, there’s even a step by step guide on how to achieve it. As you can see here, translucent powder has been used underneath the eye, and also around the external corner of it. This is to catch those loose bits of glitter that always fall on your face. You simply dust the powder away and the glitter will dust right away with it.

Gold Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes

Instagram / glamorous_reflections

5. Burgundy Look

For something a bit darker, look towards the darker shades in your palette and easy step by step makeup tutorials from Instagram just like this one. The simple peach shades have been used to start with, creating a base for that darker red and burgundy pops of color to be added over the top. Just remember to blend it all well with a large and fluffy blending brush, and use a decent eyeshadow primer before you get started to ensure the look stays for the entire duration of your event. You don’t want this beautiful look to slip halfway down your face, that’s for sure!

Burgundy Step by Step Makeup Tutorial

Instagram / rubina_muartistry

6. Purple Smokey Eye

For something purple, we can’t recommend this shimmering purple look enough. It’s spring now too, so there has never been a better time to rock those pastel shades. This look starts with the eyeshadow primer, of course, before adding a nude base. Then  build up the colors, incorporating different shades of lilac and almost-pink tones, until you’re ready for that glitter pop right in the center. Throw on your eyeliner, add your lashes, and you’re good to go. Not as scary as you first may have thought, right?

Purple Smokey Eye Step by Step Look

Instagram / romyglambeauty

7. Black Smokey Eye with a Pop of Gold

And for those nights when you need a really smokey look, how about this black smokey eye with a beautiful pop of gold? The smokey eye look is great for so many occasions too – a hot date, for example, or even night out on the town with your best girlfriends. The trick to looks as deep and dark as this one is to start off light and build your way up. By just slapping the black eyeshadow on your eyelids, you’re going to look more horror-scare than night-out. Add a little, blend it, then add a little more. It’s easier to add more than it is to take some away.

Black Smokey Eye Tutorial with a Pop of Gold

Instagram / glamorous_reflections

8. Smoked Eyeliner

For those days when you don’t have time to mess around with liquid eyeliner, easy step by step makeup tutorials from Instagram like these definitely come in handy. Just use your regular eyeshadow in the place of eyeliner, using a thin angled brush to dust it along. It gives you a much ofter finish than the harsh lack lines of regular eyeliner.. It’s much quicker to do in the morning also. Winning all round!

Smokey Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

Instagram / vanillia_2607

9. Pink Glitter Look

One thing you may notice will most of these easy step by step makeup tutorials from Instagram, is that they all start with the same / similar base. There’s an eyeshadow primer, and a nude / neutral base color. With that base, you can build up a number of different looks, using a wide range of shades in your palettes. This look, for example, adds a darker hue to the outer corner and crease, keeping things sparkly and light with that beautiful pink pop towards the center / front of the lid.

Step by Step Pink Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

Instagram / rubina_muartistry

10. Pop of Purple

Purple is a great shade to play around with when you have deep brown eyes. That dusky peach towards the center and inner corner stops the look from being too dark or “purpley”. In fact, if you’re worried that a dark black or grey smokey eye might be a little too much for a particular event, tone things down with a playful pop of purple

Flawless Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes

Instagram / glamorous_reflections

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