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21 Cute Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas


You have probably already been thinking about Valentine’s outfits, makeup and hair but have you thought about your nails? Nails are an important part to your finished look, so it is important to have beautiful nails for the occasion. There are so many design possibilities for Valentine’s Day from hearts to art that uses romantic colors like red and pink. To give you some ideas we have found 21 Valentine’s Day nail ideas. Any of these would be perfect for the special day.

1. Light Pink Nails with Hearts

First up we have these gorgeous heart nails. The long square nails have been painted in a very light pink with small red half hearts on the corners. This is such a cute idea and you could also paint your nails a red shade with pink hearts. Art like this looks best on longer nails.

Source: @nailsbyjema

2. Valentine’s Day Heart Nails

If you want bold nails for Valentine’s Day, then this next idea is the way to do it. These nails have the classic romantic red with a love heart design. Some nails have been painted red while two have a heart design. You could recreate both designs or just one. There are heart stencils available online to help you get the shape.

Source: @nailsbyjema

3. Glitter and Black Heart Nail Art

Next, we have a stylish set of nails that feature glitter and hearts. Two nails have a black heart design, one has silver glitter and the others are painted black. These nails are perfect for the ladies who want to look glam. You could change the colors to pink or red to.

Source: @amkuch15

4. Embellished Heart Nails

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion which means you should have extra special nails. This design idea features nails that have decorated with hearts. You could recreate this look with sparkling heart gems. These come in any color, so you can make your nail art unique to your own style. This look will suit both long and short nails.

Source: @kellimarissa

5. Hearts and Polka Dots

Have some fun with your Valentine’s look with bold and vibrant nails like these. White, pink and purple polishes have been used to create heart and polka dot art. You could recreate this idea with any 3 colors. For the hearts you can use stencils or stickers and for the polka dots you will need a dotting tool or thin brush.

Source: @judyrox

6. Red Valentine’s Heart Nails

If you want glamorous nails for Valentine’s Day, then this next idea could be perfect for you. The coffin shaped nails have been painted in natural shade and have been finished off with a red glitter heart. It is a simple but super stylish design. This look is best on longer nails but would suit any shape.

Source: @esnail_japan

7. Valentine’s Letter Nails

A Valentine’s tradition is to send someone a card or letter. This next idea takes this idea and turns it into cute nail art. One nail has been decorated with words, another has a letter and heart design and the rest have been painted red. We love this art because it features the letter and envelope. You could have a go at recreate this at home, it will take some practice, but it will be worth it!

Source: @xnailsbymiri

8. Pink, Glitter and Heart Nail Design

Our next idea is a little subtler than some of the other designs. The nails have been painted a light pink and feature two accent nails. One is glittery gold and the other has a small heart. These use all the romantic colors and have a little glamour. Nails like these are perfect for the ladies who want to celebrate but don’t want to be too over the top.

Source: @paulinaspassions

9. Heartbeat Nail Design

Looking for unique nail art? Then you need to check out this idea. The nails have been painted a red shade with a gold glitter heartbeat line. Each nail makes up the complete line. You could recreate these with any line and in any colors. We love this quirky Valentine’s design.

Source: @xnailsbymiri

10. I Love You Beary Much Nail Art

Next, we have one of the cutest nail ideas ever! The nails have been painted pink and feature “I love you beary much” with 3 bear designs. This art is fun and creative. Creating a bear with nail polish will take some effort but there are plenty of tutorials online to help you.

Source: @onenailtorulethemall

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