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21 Cute Lob Haircuts for This Summer


Are you thinking of changing your hair in time for summer?  There are so many styles that you can choose from, no wonder everyone needs a little hair inspiration.  Many people tend to wait until they see a hairstyle they like before they book their hair appointment.  We think the hairstyle of the year, (or should I say years) is a gorgeous hairstyle to choose.  It goes by the name lob.  Which is in other words, is a long bob.  You can style the lob however you like.  Wavy, curls, straight, up-do, half up half down style, sleek or messy.  Just because you have a long bob, doesn’t stop all the styling options you can have.  You still have the security of tying your hair back.

We have come up with 21 cure lob haircuts for you to think about.

1. Angled Long Bob with Layers

Angled lob is quirky, cute and fun.

Angled Long Bob with Layers

Instagram / erikrharris

Adding layers to your lob will make your hair feel thicker and it will have more volume.  The angled style is popular amongst many celebrities and is a favourite all over the world.

2. Brunette Lob + Face-Framing Balayage Highlights

You don’t have to be a blonde, a red head or pinked haired to have a lob haircut.

Brunette Long Bob with Balayage Chocolate Highlights

Source: pinterest.com

If you have brunette hair, the lob looks as good as having different colour hair.  Mixing balayage with the lob looks stunning.  Having face-framing highlights will emphasis your face.

3. Messy, Textured Blonde Long Bob

We are loving the messy hair trend!

Messy Textured Blonde Long Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / hairbysabrie

Messy hair is still trending so the straight out of bed look is a must, especially when we can get away with it!  Every girl loves messy hair, right?  Having messy hair means you don’t have to worry about it every minute of the day, just let it go.

4. Straight, Angled Long Bob Haircut

This screams elegant and style.

Straight Angled Long Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / cleencuts

A straight, angled long bob will show off your edginess and style.  You have the comfort of the longer strands at the front with a slightly shorter back.

5. Lob Haircut for Thick Hair + Honey Blonde Balayage Highlights

If you want a sexy, natural looking hairstyle, this may be the one for you.

Honey Blonde Balayage Long Bob Hairstyle for Thick

Instagram / theresebybangs

Having a lob hairstyle is fun and you can style it in so many ways.  Thicker hair looks great in a long bob style and adding the honey blonde balayage highlights is the icing on the cake.  The balayage highlights look natural and add that extra touch of style.

6. Brunette, Straight Lob

A straight sleek lob looks elegant and sophisticated.

Brunette Straight Long Bob Haircut

Instagram / camilacoelho

This style is perfect for any occasion. It can be glamorous and also a great as a causal style.

7. Blonde Ombre Lob Hairstyle

Did someone say ombre?  Don’t rule out the ombre style.

Wavy Blonde Ombre Long Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / mlchairstylist

Ombre is still going strong guys!  The lob and blonde ombre look perfect together.  With all the new trends going on, people seems to forget about ombre but we are here to remind you.

8. Choppy, Layered Lob + Caramel Balayage Highlights

This haircut and style is made for fashionistas.

Layered Long Bob Haircut with Caramel Balayage Highlights

Instagram / kenpavessalon

It has so many trends going on right now, it’s unbelievable to be this cool!  Walk down the street owning it with this style girl!  You have the choppy, layered lob with caramel balayage highlights, what more could you ask for?!

9. Lob Cut with Bangs

Do you fancy having bangs with your lob?

Long Bob Haircut with Bangs

Instagram / cabelocurto

We would recommend it!  Opting for a classic lob and having bangs, looks timeless and stylish.  If it is the first time you are having bangs and are nervous, try having longer bangs just in case you still want to tie your hair back.  You can have the best of both worlds with this hairstyle.  Bangs will show off your eyes and you can always style it in so many different ways.  If you fancy having your bangs off your face, try clipping it back with bobby pins.  If you style your hair differently every other day or so, you won’t get bored of your hairstyle.

10. Curly, Textured Lob with Balayage Highlights

Adding curls will boost your locks.

Curly Textured Long Bob Hairstyle with Balayage Highlights

Instagram / rickymoica

If your hair is feeling limp and lifeless, try curling it.  Curly, textured lob looks stunning and so girly.  Balayage highlights will add that special touch that no other highlight technique will be able to do.

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