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21 Beautiful Wedding Pedicure Ideas for Brides


Creating the perfect wedding look is about more than just the hair and the dress. The little finishing touches like nails are just as important. That is why we have put together a list of the 21 best wedding pedicure ideas. Any one of these ideas will make you look and feel great on your big day.  There is a design for any bride from glam sparkles to floral art.

1. French Pedicure with Crystals

First up we have a French pedicure that’s had a little makeover. This pedi has the classic look with a crystal accent nail.  This sparkly extra just gives your nails a special finishing touch which is perfect for a wedding. Wear open toe shoes to show off an elegant pedicure like this.

French Pedicure with Crystals for Wedding Pedicure Ideas for Brides

Source: @ohmyhandstomsk

2. Glitter Pedicure

Nothing says special occasion like glitter! So, give your toenails some sparkle with a glitter polish. You could have any color but a silver one like this or gold would be perfect. These colors are glamorous and will go with any dress and shoe. Glitter polishes are an easy way to create a stylish look yourself at home.

Glitter Pedicure for Wedding Pedicure Idea for Brides

Source: @suzyadams_beauty

3. Say I do Nail Art

Looking for nail art that is unique and creative? Then we have found just the thing! This French pedicure features an accent nail with the words “I do”. A design like this is perfect for a bride! It is a fun pedicure idea that everyone will love. The little gem finishes of the pedi beautifully.

French Pedicure with Say I do Accent Nail for Wedding Pedicure Idea for Brides

Source: @glamournailsny

4. Beach Wedding Pedicure

If you’re planning a beach or summer wedding a pedicure like this would be perfect. This design features a traditional white polish with a floral accent nail. The flower has a tropical look to it. Nail art like this could be done in any color and will look gorgeous with shoes or barefoot.

White Pedicure with Tropical Flower Accent Nail for Wedding Pedicure Idea for Brides

Source: @nailsbysydsyd

5. Pretty Gem Pedicure

Our next pick is stylish, feminine and pretty. This pedicure has a cute color palette with gems and an iridescent design. A pedicure like this is trendy and will suit any shoe. You could re-create art like this with any color to suit your bridal look.

Multi Color Pink Pretty Pedicure with Gems for Wedding Pedicure Idea for Brides

Source: @kumilatte

6. Elegant Floral Nail Art

Floral patterns are popular for wedding pedicures and with this gorgeous nail art we can see why. This pedi features beautiful white flowers with gems in the center. Nail art like this would look beautiful on any bride. The bridesmaids could even have this with different colored flowers.

White Floral Nail Art Pedicure with Gems for a Wedding Pedicure Idea for brides

Source: @chuckiekimnails

7. Gold Glitter

When choosing colors for your bridal mani and pedi, gold is a gorgeous choice. It is a color that says elegance and glamour. If you are thinking about having gold, consider gold glitter! The glitz is perfect for a wedding day and it will compliment your shoes perfectly.

Gold Glitter Design for Wedding Pedicure Idea for Brides

Source: @nailroom_alba

8. Pink Pedi

Add a splash of color to your wedding look with a pink pedicure like this. This amazing shade of pink will look gorgeous with any shoe. The crystals are an extra special finishing touch, perfect for your big day. You could even wear toe rings like this for a trendy bridal style.

Dark Pink Pedicure with Gems for Wedding Pedicure Idea for Brides

Source: @catseye_cana35

9. Elegant Accent Nail

This next pick features a white lace design and crystals. What more could you want for a bridal pedi? A pedicure like this is elegant, traditional and stylish. It would suit any dress and shoes. You could even have nail art like this as both a mani and pedi, it would look gorgeous on both the fingers and toes.

French Pedicure with Elegant Accent Nail for Wedding Pedicure Idea for Brides

Source: @lera_nail_str

10. Trendy French Pedicure

Here is another example of how to mix up the classic French pedicure. This one features short and simple nails with one accent design. The accent art features silver gems sitting along the bottom of the nail. You could re-create something like this with any gem or crystal.

Pink French Pedicure with Silver Gems for Wedding Pedicure Idea for Brides

Source: @laque_nailnsk

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