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2016 Pantone Color Inspired Outfit Ideas For Women


2016 Pantone Color Inspired Outfit Ideas For Women. Keeping up with latest trends and colors is very difficult, being ready with the right thing is a hassle. The fashion world is always changing and keeping up with the pace is a stressful thing. However, certain things like the Pantone colors are something that you should know of, we bring for you outfit ideas that are inspired by the Pantone Colors of 2016.

Pantone Color Inspired outfits (2)

 How to Wear Pantone Colour Outfits

Rose Quartz, Peach Echo, Serenity, Snorkel Blue, Buttercup, Limpet Shell, Fiesta, Iced Coffe and Green flash are the top Pantone colors of 2016. Even though, you know the Pantone colors, wearing outfits that are inspired by these shades can be challenging. Following outfits will definitely help you add some oomph to your wardrobe.

#18-Rose Quartz Hot and Casual

This amazing skirt paired with a serenity shaded jacket is all that you need to add class into your boring wardrobe. Wear these stylish snorkel blue heel and hold your head high in the crowd.

Pantone Color Inspired outfits (2)


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#17- Elegant and Classy School Outfit

This simple yet a perfect mixture of grey and serenity is all that you need for an elegant look. Make this dress pop out with a matching bag and silver stilettos.

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