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20 Best Hijab Styles for Short Height Girls to Look Tall


Hijab styles for short girls. In the previous old times, Hijab was known as the veil or piece of cloth which was used to cover some parts of the body but now the purpose is changed into style. We see many forms of Hijab introduced in the modern world. Abayas and Hijabs were available in base colors, but now we find them in many colors i.e. blue, green, purple and maroon not only these colors girls are willing to wear Hijabs in funky color too. The modern era has introduced a huge collection of colors in Abaya and Hijab; it may include orange, pink, lavender, green and earth tone. Many women have transformed Hijab into a rectangular shawl to cover themselves. It also contains different shades. The most important tip was that girls should be afraid of expressing themselves in Hijab they should feel proud and confident. Today the trend of wearing trendy and best abayas 2015 is increasing day by day. In this article we will give some useful tips for short girls as how they can tie hijab with other outfits to look tall.For some more inspirational Hijab Fashion Ideas, also have a look at Hijab Earring Style-16 ideas to wear earrings with Hijab and Top 5 Hijab Fashion Bloggers every Hijabi should follow.

Short Height Girls Hijab Fashion

#20. Sporty Look

There aren’t many colors that a bright pink lip doesn’t compliment, but pale colors especially do a great job of letting the bright pink speak for itself.



#19. Using Textures for Professional Look

Experiment with a textured scarf to add a new element to your outfit. “The creativity of these styles are very enchanting”. Certain textures such as plain hijabs can add the illusion of h7 Great ideas for hijabs that you can wear to work every day for some change by matching them to your outfit. For some great outfits to go with this look, check out 18 best check shirt outfit combinations for girls in all seasons.



#18. Play with Colours

Keep business casual looking so freaking cool with a pretty, patterned hijab.



#17. Don’t be afraid of patterns.

A patterned hijab is a great way to break up an otherwise monochromatic look and incorporate more dimension into the outfit,” Elturk says



#16. Winter Hijabi Outfit for Small height Ladies

Just like how certain clothes may be more flattering for your body type, you have to experiment with different hijab styles and techniques depending on your face shape,” says Samia.


#15. Triangle scarf hijab style

Another way of wearing hijab in your daily office routine is that you can use a triangle silk scarf and can simply wrap it around. It looks really graceful and it can also be used on different formal events like a meeting of functions.



#14. Outdoor hijab styles

Casual outdoor Arabic hijab styles are the best hijab styles for girls for outdoor  activities. Bright cool summer colors with a light cloth stuff. What else you need for summer styles.light cotton stuff hijab resists heat and it also absorbs less heat than silk hijab. Simply wrapping around the hijab can make you look stylish but with just a little technique a simple hijab style can goes styles and formal.



#13. Wear your Hijab with Maxi for Summers

For more ideas like these, have a look at Hijab Maxi Style-20 Cute Ways to Wear Hijab with Maxi Dress.



#12. Trendy Easy Knotted Hijab for School Girls



#11. Emirates formal wear girl Hijab style



#10. Double Hijab in Lebanese style

Double Hijab in Lebanese style also increase your height and make you look taller and stylish.



#9. Wearing Ideas with Cap

Pakistani girls like to wear latest hijab styles along with the inner cap. This inspiring hijab-wearing idea is greatly fantastic. For high ended girls, this exclusive hijab-wearing idea is strikingly amazing. Inner cap with contrast stylish hijab creates a superb grace which is desired for stylish Pakistani girls.



#8. Headpiece with Hijab

Another jewelry piece that is mostly used with Hijab is the headpiece as shown into the above picture. A necklace can also be used as the headpiece. I think the use of headpiece with hijab is only preferable when you want to attend a party sort a formal function. It is not suitable for casual wear. Pearl & Crystal hair pins or hair clips can also be used as headpiece with Hijab.


#7. Hijab with Jewellery



#6. Casual Style for Winters

Wearing black in winters is a great way of looking slim and tall. This is also a great option for plus size short girls.



#5. Professional Look in Hijab

Wearing a hijab with your long coats and blazers can be very helpful for short girls.



#4. Hijab with Length For Weddings



#3. Hijab with Abaya for Elongated Effect



#2. Hijab with Maxi Skrits for Elongated Effect


#1.  Use Layers to Give Extra Height



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