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19 Trending Earrings to Wear for Girls with Long Hair


Earrings with Long Hair for Girls- Accessories are extremely important to give your ensemble a more genuine look as well as to reflect your style statement. That’s why you have to be a bit more cautious while picking up any piece of jewelry or any other accessories. Earrings play a vital role when it comes to making your outfit and hair stand out in public or a gathering.

While picking up ear accessories, you are supposed to keep in mind your face cut, haircut as well as the cut of your outfit. If you’ll consider these 3 points then it will definitely lead to the perfect choice of earrings.

What Earrings to Wear for Women with Long Hair

Your hairstyles and ear accessories are supposed to be coordinated in order to frame your face the right way. Here I’ll be presenting some of the super amazing earring styles which go perfectly with some of your favorite hairstyles and what are the best options according to your face cuts. 

Earrings to Wear with Long Hair (16)

↓19- Pom-Pom Dangles

Believe me, you can rock your dangling pom-pom earrings just like Ari the singing sensation with your front hair tied back in a sleek knot and the rest of them kissing your shoulders. If you have a thin face and prominent collar bones then this style is going to make you stand out in any party. These chic earrings can be worn to parties or for clubbing. Do have a look at these 17 Ideal Outfits that Go with Long Hairs; Dressing Tips.

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↓18- Eastern Kundan Dangle Earrings

With your hair knotted in a rough manner into a bun with a few loose strands out complimenting your ethnic dangles made in kundan, you can rock any traditional wedding as well as smokey eyes. Kundan earrings can be worn with eastern prints and ethnic outfits like sarees and ghagra choli. You can also wear kundan chokers if you have a long neck to complement your earrings.

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↓17- Feather Earring with Long Hair

If fashionistas can get feathers woven in their hair in the form of extensions then they can totally rock feather embellished earrings with casual outfits and long length hair which can be left on their own to flow around your shoulders. From casual I might mean boho or simply patterned summer dresses. You can tuck your hair behind your ear from one side and let that ear carry some dangling feathers.

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↓16- Diamond Ear Cuffs

Diamond ear cuffs reflect luxury and classiness. If you have long hair but you are obsessed with diamond ear cuffs and wanna slay them on your friend’s wedding, then add a few waves to your hair and tuck them behind the ear carrying the ear cuff.

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↓15- Tassel High Fashion Earrings

The latest tassel dangle earrings which are not only worn by significant celebs but the royalties as well can be worn with your flared summer dresses as well as the super stylish and printed peplum tops. These look amazing with a center parting and hair tucked behind your ears and kissings your back. These particularly give your neck an illusion of elongated one.

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↓14- Floral Earrings to Highlight Colored Long Hair

Funky and long floral earrings are extremely charming if worn by teenagers with slightly longer hair with layers in them. The earrings should be touching your shoulders at least to stand out in the layers. Also, give up on any other accessory if you’re trying such earrings. Do check out these 30 Cutest Blorange Hair Color, Cut & Styling Ideas for Girls.

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↓13- What Earrings to Wear with a Top Bun

women earrings with long hair


↓12- Dangling Ear Cuffs with Long Hair

Well, dangling ear cuffs are a perfect option if one is going for a Boho look as these can contour one’s face frame with a high ponytail and are more of a unique option for the young women who like experimenting with their accessories.

Earrings to Wear with Long Hair (20)


↓11- Hoop Earrings with Long Hair

Hoop earrings and long messy and wavy hair are the ones which can be slayed with nearly all types of attire, either casual street style or a party dress.

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earrings for girls with long hair


women earrings with long hair


earrings with long hair

↓10- How to Wear Traditional Calligraphy Earrings?

Calligraphy ear studs and teardrops are new trends which can be adopted with long hair but you can only highlight your accessories with your hair loosely tyed back. Here are 20 Best College Hairstyles for Girls.

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↓9- How to Highlight Ear Studs with Long Hair?

People often presume that ear studs won’t stand out with long hair left loose around the shoulders which is a completely false perception considering one can tie half of the upper hair with a little bit of tease in the front and make their ear studs rock their ears while their locks kissing their shoulders.

Earrings to Wear with Long Hair (10)


↓8- Messy Buns and Teardrop Earrings

A messy bun at the top is a perfect look for parties during summer, particularly because long hair sometimes becomes a headache in the exhausting heat of the daytime and teardrop earrings are the most appropriate option as they look more classy with buns. Have a look at 20 Cute Outfits with Top Bun Hairstyle to Compliment Style.

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↓7- What Earrings to Wear with Long Braids?

Just like Kardashian ladies, any woman can slay braids with drops earrings as they will make you appear modest regardless of the event or attire.

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↓6- Earrings to Wear with Casual Outfits

Want to dramatize your casual outfit, go for the multiple chain ear cuffs or ear studs with all hair tied up in a ponytail or a french knot.

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↓5- How to Highlight Multiple Piercings with Long Hair?

Multiple piercings will only highlight if you’ll tuck your hair behind your ears with more of a straight and sleek hair look or simply tie them up in a ponytail like Rihanna.

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↓4- Earrings for Working Women with Long Hair

earrings with long hair women


↓3- Unique Chain Fringe Earrings for Parties

Chain fringe earrings are another amazing option for ladies with longer hair as the chains highlight your hair regardless of the length.

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Even celebrities have taken up these beautiful earrings, as seen here on Vanessa Hudgens:

women earring with long hair


↓2- Funky Earrings for Festivals

Multicolor tassel or pom-pom hoop earrings or dangles can be worn at festivals or concerts with funky hairstyles like the unique fish and waterfall braids.

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↓1- Perfect Earrings for Your Face Shape

A round face can be elongated and contoured with long length teardrops and chandeliers as well as fringe chain earrings and lock in layers and left lose while the square face cuts can be softened with medium length hoops and drops and hair tied up high. Diamond shape cuts can be slayed with side or center partings and messy looks while keeping the earrings round like studs and hoops.

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Share your favorite earring styles in the comments section.

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