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17 Ideal Outfits that Go with Long Hairs – Dressing Tips


All the Women who are blessed with long hairs,looking for ideas what to wear with long hairs ?what outfits suits different long hairstyles ?then this post is for you.These days women all across the globe are supporting long hair styles. So here’s a list of the cutest outfits that go with long hairs for women. Hope you manage to seek inspiration from some of them, you are sure to enjoy them. Do check our article on 25 best dressing ideas for short hair girls. (Images source pinterest)

Cute Outfit Ideas with Long Hairs Women

1. Daily Casual Wear for long Hairs – Tie your long hair into a ponytail and pair it with a bright blue shirt.

cute outfit 3

2. Shirt and Jeans outfit – pair a plain shirt with jeans and a scarf, whilst tying your long hair into a loose, messy bun.

cute outfit 2

3. Teen Girl Funky Dressing – Wear a loose, baggy t-shirt with messy long hair style.Must see 10 Funky outfits combinations for teen girls.

cute outfit 4

4. Summer Outfit – Make your long hair straight and wear a cute white shirt and floral skirt attire.


5. Street Style with Long Hairs – Leave your long hair loose and open, and match them to maroon outfit.


6. Spring Wear – Curl your long hair and then wear a bright neon sweater and boots.


7. Short Dress – For a fashionable outfit, wear a simple and chic white short dress.


8. Party Outfit – These clothes will make you stand out with your curled, long hair.


9. Crop Top with Lace Skirt – Go for a blue-themed cute outfit with your long  curl hair. It will make you stand out.


10. Lacy Outfit – You can always wear a lacy, see-through top with shorts.


11. Skinny Jeans Outfit with loose curls – Go casual with a cute plain t-shirt and tight, skinny jeans. This will look fabulous.


12. Swag Style Outfit – Tie your long hair into a tight pony tail. Wear aviators, crop jacket and ripped jeans outfit.


13. Sexy Outfit – Wear a romper-style outfit, with bright red lips and loose wavy hair.


14. Boho Outfit – These days, there is a trend to adopt the boho look. You can do this with a plain white t-shirt, rough jacket and oversized bag.


15. T-shirt Outfit – You can make your long t-shirts into a maxi dress outfit.


16. City Girl Outfit – For all the city girls out there, here’s a look for you! Wear oversized glasses with stripes and a cheetah print with your long hair.


17. Country Girl Outfit – For those country gals out there, you can wear your blonde long hair into loose waves. This hairstyle can be paired with a crisp white top, lots of accessories, classic jeans. Do not forget to wear a camel-coloured, warm-toned hand bag!

cute outfit 1

Hope you enjoyed these ideas, as one style is sure to attract you. All of these can be easily paired with long hairs and will look absolutely fabulous. Good luck!

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