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16 Cute Hairstyles with Maang tikka/Maatha Patti This Season


One of the favourite piece of hair accessories these days is the maang tikka, which is also known as the maatha patti. In the last post we covered in detail what is maang tikka and how to wear maang tikka in different styles.It is a unique piece of jewellery and the best part is the variety of styles you can find in it. Though it was traditionally considered a part of the bridal jewellery, now it can be worn at any traditional occasion by girls of all ages and face cuts. However, one of the most confusing and often asked question by girls is that what hairstyle should they make with their maang tikkas. So in this post we’ll be addressing this common issue in a very simple way. I hope that by the end of this post, you will have enough knowledge to decide on the latest hairstyle with your maatha patti. In fact, if you are planning on wearing the same maatha patti for the second time, or wearing maatha patti for consecutive functions, these tips will help you create a new look every single time!

Maang Tikka with Open hair with loose curls or waves

If you have nice long and wavy here, I believe the best option would be to go for open hair. You can use some mousse or other hair product to add volume to your hair if required. If you are using the maatha patti with a centre strand then obviously you will be parting your hair in the middle. When such loose wavy curls are combined with a maatha patti, it creates a really soft, simple and yet attractive look. In case you have straight hair and want a similar effect then you can use a hair curler or even a straightening iron to create some loose and natural looking waves. This hair style is also specially recommended if you are wearing a heavy type of maatha patti or if you have long hair. Check out how stunning the Bollywood actresses Amisha Patel and Priyanka Chopra are looking in this hair style.


Celebrity Hairstyle with Maatha Patti

12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikka


Back combed semi up-do With Maang Tikka

If you don’t want your all over your face but still want a similar effect as shown above, then you can go for high back combing and semi tied hair. Again, this can be done with both straight as well as curled hair. This look was carried by Deepika at the 2014 Zee Cine awards.I would always recommend to follow indian celebrities hairstyles with maang tikka as they always come up with stylish styles that you can copy.

12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikka


Maatha Patti with Straight hairs.

In case you are wearing the simple pendant tikkas, then straight hair are surely the best option. The hair style is also ideal for square and round shaped face as it helps cover up the face and create a slimmer look.

12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikka

anuskha sharman hairstyles with maang tikka

Matha Patti With Open Hair Tikka Design

12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikka


Braided Hairstyles

Whether you are the mehndi bride or attending a mehndi function, braids create the most beautiful and traditional look. In case of maang tikkas, you can go for simple braids as well as fishtail braids. They create a nice and soft look and are specially recommended for heart shaped faces as they help enhance your jaw bone. In case you want to spice up your look you can also make the braid more attractive by using hair ornaments or flowers along with your maang tikka.You can also see here simple step by step tutorials to make braided hairstyles.

12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikka

Pakistani Wedding Hairstyles 

12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikka 12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikka

@natasha Saloon

Maatha Patti With Buns.

Though buns can be made with any type of maatha patti, they look spectacular with the ones with side chains. Buns can also be combined with braids to create a unique look. Here are some ideas for buns which can be made with maatha pattis:

12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikka

12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikka

Indian Wedding Hairstyle

12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikka 12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikka


Wedding Hairstyles with Maatha Patti

latest hairstyles with maatha patti



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