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15 Latest Eid Hijab Styles with Eid Dresses-2015 Eid Fashion


Hijab for me is my crown and experimenting with the different ways in which I can wear this crown is always fun. Eid is just around the corner and those of you who wear hijab might still have to buy ones that go with your outfits. In this post we will be sharing ideas for muslim women eid fashion as how to match hijab with eid dress ? and latest hijab styles for 2015 Eid.For wrapping tips check out these simple step step ways to wrap hijab tutorials.

Simple pony Tail Style Scarf tied on one Side

Here is a simple way to wear your scarf, leaving one end hanging around the shoulder. By wearing the scarf this way you get enough room to wear you earrings and necklaces.


Modern Hijab look

Here is one of the latest hijab looks in which instead of tying at the back, you tie the remaining scarf at the front and this gives sort of a rose effect.


Braided Hijab

Another variation to the above style is by gathering the scarf in the front and making a braid that goes towards the back of the head.


Multi shaded hijab

This is another common way of wearing the hijab but what makes it look so spectacular here is the use of double shades in it. It looks great on women with square face shape as it helps conceal the wide jaw bones.


You should also try to compliment your entire day look with these 20 awesome eid mehndi designs for hands.

Criss cross style

The criss cross look might be a little hard to get perfected. But once you learn it, the results will be worth it. This way of wearing a hijab is specially recommended for girls with a smaller or heart shaped face.


Criss cross Braided Hijab

Here is another beautiful way of wearing the hijab, which combines both the criss cross and the braided style. With a look like this you don’t even need a lot of jewellery or make up as the hijab is the highlight of your outfit and look.


Using Maatha Patti with Crown style Hijab

If you have one of those long necklaces then try incorporating it in your head scarf and creating a fabulous look.Here are different maatha Patti styles you can try.


Combining hijab and scarves

The combination of hijab and neck scarf creates a unique combination which makes any outfit look amazing. I also love the big earrings in this one that are also going with the neck scarf.


Using flowers

I have always been a fan of the use of flowers in outfits, especially the handmade ones so this hijab look is definitely my favourite. You can make the flower yourself, using some of the left over fabric from your dress. Instead of just one flower like the one shown in the picture, try using a bunch of 3 flowers and look beautiful.


Hijab accessories

Maatha pattis are a favourite peace of head jewellery and they can easily be used with any style of hijab.



Textured hijab

The use of textured fabric is not very common in scarves so their use always creates a unique and pretty look.


Silk hijab

Silk scarves look fabulous on occasions like Eid so try looking for a patterned silk scarf that goes with the shade of your dress.


The tie effect made using this scarf looks amazing


A silk scarf that matches your dress perfectly might be a little hard to find but is surely worth the trouble.


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