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15 Great Bras To Wear With A Backless Dress For A Perfect Look


Bras to wear with backless dresses. It goes without saying that when women go for that stunning backless number, the cute and innocent halterneck or even that sassy top with the deep armholes they will come up against the ‘hide the bra’ dilemma. A common problem when it comes to womens attire however it can be resolved! This post has some top tips and great ideas on how you can achieve the backless dress look and still get all the support you need whilst looking amazing!

The most common type of bra to wear with backless dresses is the stick on bra. As great as they are with backless dresses, they are only really practical for ladies with size C cup and under. Larger busted ladies may not find this type of bra beneficial at all and other bras may be better suited. However they are easily applied and concealed and even more so with backless dresses and racer dresses so why not go for this type?

 If you don’t really feel the idea of stick on bras is right for you then why not stick to the normal supporting bra, but one that also holds a great amount of sass. A converted strap bra is ideal for still upholding the standards of a supporting bra, but has the added option of turning straps so they are around your ribcage instead of over your shoulders. These are also found with plunge cups and are therefore awesome with plunge necklines whether they are tops or dresses. Be sure to have your straps fitted properly however, as too loose will mean you are pulling it up all the time and too tight will just hurt and leave you with strap lines and this is never a good look for ladies.

There are also the very common clear strap bras which are perfect for the girls who would prefer to keep to the normal bra style but also have the ability to hide the straps. Nine times out of 10 you will find that clear straps will only be fitted to bras which have removable straps and you will have to purchase them separately. Try to use clear straps as halterneck as light can shine off them and cause them to still be seen. Failing clear straps, why not invest in a bra strap clip? These are available in most stores and are a perfect little gadget to hide those pesky straps. Bra clips hold your straps together in such a way that they are hidden from view when wearing a racer back style dress or elongated armhole tops and dresses.

It’s not all about hiding bra straps. There is also the option of adding more style and wearing a bralette instead. Also check out our post on Bralette Ideas for more inspiration? Extra ladder straps, diamonds or lace under an open back dress can look stunning and still give you the support you need. Bralettes are also great for racer tops and dresses and can hold a variety of styles, colours including crochet looks. More and more women nowadays are incorporating bralettes in everyday wear all the way to wedding dresses so why not try one for your own outfit?

For the ladies who are full of confidence and take bravery to the top, why not venture towards the tape option? One fear that women have is the chance of straps or edging of the bra showing through clothing and rightly so as this is never a good look. A sleek and fitted backless gown should never be ruined by that hideous bra edge sticking out the chest like a wierdly shaped alien. To avoid this little wardrobe mishap uplifting is available to save the day and the outfit! More women now are plucking up the courage and going commando with uplifting tape rather than being weighted with a bra. Uplifting tape is used on top of the breasts rather than under and does exactly what it says in the title although will only be successful up to around a C cup.

A top tip for hiding bras; always wear a bra that either matches the colour of your dress, or is a very close match. Do not wear boldly coloured bras with a white dress as we all know this looks awful. Bralettes, on the other hand, can look amazing in a contrasting colour as they have much more about them than a standard bra. Use this to your advantage.

Have a look at the images on next page of some great ways to hide your bra or excentuate your bralette with a backless dress.

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