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15 Elegant Outfits Combinations for Teachers This Season


Whenever people think of teachers the first image that comes to mind is the formal suit, and hair scraped back but with summer coming in nicely it is definitely time to tone down the formality and go casual. But what outfits should teachers wear? How do you do make-up suitable for a teacher? And what accessories can you wear? Outfit Trends has this post to educate on these matters.

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Make-Up and Hair Ideas for Teachers
summer teacher outfits (11)

Because of the nature of the job, make-up and hair must look appealing but also subtle. Too much make-up is never a good look for a teacher so keep shades toned down or even neutral. Pale pinks, bronze or peach are all great shades when it comes to eye shadow as well as lips. With it being summer hair can be left down to add a casual feel, or simple buns or ponytails are acceptable. You can also get away with plaits or braids if done properly. via.

Outfit Ideas
Keeping a casual summer theme in mind why not go almost nautical? Striped tops are great and can be matched easily with trousers and skirts of your choice. Steer away from shorts however as these are not classed as suitable attire for a teacher! Boot cut trousers or subtle flares are great for covering legs but also being loose enough to keep you cool on summer days in the classroom. Skinny jeans can be a good option for trousers too. Why not add a high waist jacket or bolero? Not only will these add layering to your outfit but will also at a tiny touch of authority, just what every teacher needs.

summer teacher outfits (11)

Ideal Footwear for Teachers
High heels are for the formal business woman so not great for teachers. Especially as this job requires a lot of time being on your feet, go for more small heels or flats. Boat shoes, loafers or ankle boots are all acceptable footwear ideas for this particular job and you must bear in mind that you are looked up to by younger generations. T-Bar pumps, caged heels and sandals are more night time footwear so do not choose these. For other shoe ideas have a look at our article on 30 Ideal Shoes to Wear With Skinny Jeans.

Accessories for Teachers
Accessories, depending on what you teach, are great for adding a bit more bling to your outfit. As with make-up though, it should ideally be kept to a minimum and not overwhelming. Too much jewellery with an already exciting outfit can destroy the look you are trying to achieve. Instead choose colours that suit you and keep it simple. If you are more a silver than gold person then choose an elegant bracelet and small necklace. If you are more gold then go for gold earrings as this will add colour at the top and not clash with your outfit.
Have a look at the following images of suitable and elegant outfits and gain your own ensemble creativeness.

Casual Blue and Brown Ensemble

summer teacher outfits (10)via

 Bold Retro Look

summer teacher outfits (9)via

 Sophisticated but Casual Outfit with Blazer

summer teacher outfits (8)via

 Pink Flared Top and White Trousers

summer teacher outfits (7)via

 Denim and Stripes Outfit

summer teacher outfits (6)via

 Casual Summer Skinnies Idea

summer teacher outfits (5)via

 Light Outfit Style Idea with Boat Shoes

summer teacher outfits (4)via

 Subtle Pink Outfit Ideas

summer teacher outfits (3)via

 Flowing Pleated Skirt Ideas

summer teacher outfits (2)via

 Summer Dress Outfit with Accessories

summer teacher outfits (1)via

 Polka dot top & Cardigan with Skirt – Ideal Dress for university teacher

cute outfits combinations for teachers (11)


Polka Dot Top with Skinny Jeans

cute outfits combinations for teachers (12)


Perfect Outfit for School teacher

cute outfits combinations for teachers (13)


Summer Outfit Idea for Teacher

cute outfits combinations for teachers (14)


Plus Size teacher Dressing Combo

cute outfits combinations for teachers (15)

 Outfit with Long Boots – Cute  Professor Dressing style 

cute outfits combinations for teachers (16)

 Spring Outfit Combo

cute outfits combinations for teachers (17)


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