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15 Cute Birthday Celebration Outfits for Girls this Season


Every girl wants to look extra special on her birthday. At their own birthday party they want that one outfit which will stand out from everyone else’s and look amazing. But what are the best ;birthday outfits to wear? And what are appropriate accessories? What make-up styles will get heads turning at your party? Outfit trends will be answering these questions as well as giving you some good pointers in this enlightening article.

Dresses for the Perfect Party
This season seems to be bringing in a rekindled love of the humble sweetheart collar dress. These are a common choice of dress for the perfect party host. Sweetheart collars are great for accentuating collar bones and can give the illusion of a fuller cleavage if matched with an appropriate bra. These dresses can be strapless or not, the choice of that is completely up to you and how you want your style to look. Dresses with straps will give a subtle and casual feel whereas a strapless one will denote confidence and popularity. Dresses with Ra-Ra or circle hemlines have stunning shapes so use them to their full potential. They add volume and depth to an otherwise potentially boring silhouette.

Perfect shoes for Birthday

Choosing the right footwear for your party is crucial. They should be practical seeing as you will be on your feet all night mingling and dancing but should also be eye catching and attractive. Most girls will go for a high stiletto heel for parties. These are great for short parties as they can start to hurt after a while. This season however, cage heels and peep toes are in fashion. Why not choose a suede fabric shoe and accessorise with a dazzling anklet? Shimmering anklets are great for catching the eye and drawing attention to your footwear. Or choose a shoe that has already been accessorised with a bow or flower. Cage heels break up block colours with your skin tone and are super sleek and sexy and just the shape of them alone will turn heads. Peep toes give a cheeky feel to any outfit.

Make-Up and Accessories
The birthday girl’s make-up and accessories should always stand out from the crowd. Glitter is great for parties as even under the disco lights it will sparkle and shine. A pale glitter lip gloss is a perfect make-up item for any party girl. Keep eye-shadows in keeping with your outfit. If you choose a pink dress either match it with pink eye-shadow or contrast it with a daring streak and flick of black eye liner.via

Try to invest in corresponding jewellery sets for a complete party look. Mismatched jewellery can create a sloppy image. Jewellery sets are perfect for keeping a theme together and will prevent you breaking the bank. Single pendant necklaces add a cute and innocent feel to any outfit. An ideal jewellery set would be one that contains your birthstone as these are very fitting for the celebration at hand.

Have a look at the following outfits and create your own personal birthday image. Give everyone the WOW factor and get those heads turning on your special day.

21st birthday outfit

cute birthday outfits girls (17)

cute birthday outfits girls (1)


Sleeveless Party Dress.

cute birthday outfits girls (2)

Birthday party outfits tumblr

cute birthday outfits girls (3)


Celebrities Birthday Outfit. Once of the best ways to get birthday party ideas is to follow celebrity style. What celebrities wear on birthday party is always trendy and any good fashionista will take inspiration from them. Here selena gomez shows us how to look hot on a birthday.

cute birthday outfits girls (4)

cute birthday outfits girls (5)

;Best Polyvore Birthday Outfits combinations.

cute birthday outfits girls (6)

;Summer Birthday Bash Dress.

cute birthday outfits girls (7)

;Winter Birthday Clothes.

cute birthday outfits girls (8)

;Funky Birthday Top.

cute birthday outfits girls (9)

;via ;

cute birthday outfits girls (10)

cute birthday outfits girls (11)

;What is going to shimmer and catch eyes more than a tight sequin dress for your birthday?

cute birthday outfits girls (12)

;You can further accessories your outfit with a statement necklace and some cool bracelets.

cute birthday outfits girls (13)

cute birthday outfits girls (14)

cute birthday outfits girls (15)


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