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14 Cute Mehndi Makeup Tips and Styles Trending These Days


Cute Mehndi Makeup Tips  – Mehndi is definitely the most colourful and fun occasion of a wedding that everyone looks forward to. It is perhaps the excitement and the use of bright and different colours which often makes it difficult to choose the right mehndi makeup. So in this post we will be sharing some simple tips for mehndi as well as outfit styles which can give you a fresh and vibrant look.You can experiment these tips with these 15 Latest style mehdni dress for bride.

Latest Mehndi Makeup Tips and Styles

The main aim of mehndi makeup is to give the bride a fresh glow that looks natural. A few years back there was even the tradition of not wearing any makeup on bridal functions so that the bride looks completely natural on mehndi day while the makeup gives her a new look on the main day. But things have changed a lot now, the mehndi functions these days are as grand as the wedding day function. The mehndi bride has to sit on stage under the bright hall and camera lights, with all eyes on her. This necessitates the need for makeup but efforts are made to keep this makeup as natural and simple as possible.Also see 35 designers Bridal outfit combinations.

#14 – Using Fresh Flowers

The use of fresh flowers in your hair and accessories always freshens up the look. But don’t overdo the use of flowers as they can overshadow your outfit and makeup. Try to use accessories with smaller sized flowers such as small roses or mootiya.

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# 13 – Eyeshade that Matches your Dress

If you wish to use eye-shade, try to match it with the main colour of your dress. Your eyes are the most noticeable part of your face on the mehndi function so the eye make up must be nicely done. Remember to use a primer before applying the eye shades so they stay set and do not fade away as the function goes on.



#12 – The winged Eye-Liner

There has been a growing trend amongst Asian brides of simple wearing winged eye-liner on the eyes and avoiding heavily done eyes. This gives a really sophisticated and classy look, so are you willing to be the winged bride?

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#11 – Go all Green

Green is a favourite colour for mehndi functions and looks even better if paired with emerald jewellery.

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#10 – Use a Shade of Base that is Darker than your Actual Skin Tone

Apply a natural base with only a touch of face powder as this will eliminate the need of contouring. Just enhance your best features like eyes or lips.

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#9 – Simple Makeup and Bold Lips

Natural makeup with bold lips have been the latest style for many mehndi brides. It’s specially recommended if you plan on wearing lighter lip colours on the other wedding days.

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#8 Use a Light Pink Blush ON

A light blush on and lip colour will give a really decent look but don’t forget the shimmer to help keep you glowing.

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#7 – Mellow in Yellow

14 Cute Mehndi Makeup Styles And Ideas008


# 6 – Simple Nude Makeup

14 Cute Mehndi Makeup Styles And Ideas009


#5 – Pakistani Celebrity Makeup

14 Cute Mehndi Makeup Styles And Ideas0010


#4 – Using Simple side Maatha Oatti

14 Cute Mehndi Makeup Styles And Ideas0011


# 3 – Wearing a fancy short shirt with plain lehnga

14 Cute Mehndi Makeup Styles And Ideas0012


#2 Using a touch of gold in makeup for the X-factor

14 Cute Mehndi Makeup Styles And Ideas0013


#1 Combining neon and dull colours to create unique combinations

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